Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention
Trump speaks at the Republican National ConventionReuters

Four US intelligence heads presented US President Barack Obama and US President-elect Donald Trump with classified documents stating Russian officials claim to have compromising financial and personal information on the President-elect. As well, the reports claim Trump's election campaign was in contact with the Russian government.

The reports are contained in a two-page memo included in a previous FBI report on Russian interference in November 2016's US elections. Much of the information was culled from memos received from a British official. However, the British official cut contact approximately three weeks before the November elections.

The reports also state Russian intelligence officials compiled damaging information on both Trump and Hillary Clinton, but chose to release only the information which pertained to Clinton.

CNN reports then-Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid sent a letter in October 2016 to FBI Director James Comey, writing, "It has become clear that you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump, his top advisers, and the Russian government -- a foreign interest openly hostile to the United States."

The Russian Embassy, Trump transition team, and the FBI all declined to comment, as did the CIA and the White House.

However, Trump responded on Tuesday night by tweeting, "Fake news - a total political witch hunt!"

Last week, Trump Organization Executive Vice President Michael Cohen told the Washington Post, "If I was the Clinton campaign, I would be reaching out to these people who put together the dossier, and I'd ask for my money back. It's wrong. There's no accuracy. There's not an ounce of validity to anything that exists in that file."

Immediately after Trump won the elections, the Democratic party began claiming Russia had hacked the system. In response to intelligence reports, Obama decided to sanction Russia, and Trump was forced to accept the intelligence community's assessment that the elections had in fact been hacked.