Charlie and Elor Azariya
Charlie and Elor AzariyaFlash 90

A meeting took place between IDF Kfir Brigade Commander Col. Guy Hazut and soldier Elor Azariya's father, Charlie Azariya, in a military base in central Israel last night (Monday), it was reported tonight on Channel 2.

The meeting between Charlie Azariya and Hazut was convened in an attempt to calm passions in light of his son's manslaughter conviction in the Central Command's military court.

According to the report, Colonel Hazut asked the family to keep a lower profile, to give up their intention to appeal against the manslaughter conviction and to replace the defense team in the trial.

Col. Hazut explained to the father that taking such action may facilitate Elor's reprieve and possibly may lead to the granting of a full pardon.

The meeting was held with the mediation of Ophir Sofer, formerly deputy to Colonel Guy Hazut when he was a Battalion Commander in the Paratroopers, and today General Secretary of the National Union.

The IDF spokesman declined to comment on the content of the meeting. The National Union said that they support any attempt to bring an end to the affair.