Thief istock

The Central District Prosecutor has decided to close the investigation regarding a resident of Beit Elazari near Rehovot who was suspected of shooting to death an intruder who was trying to steal his truck.

In August 2016 three burglars tried to steal the truck from the Beit Elazari farmer. According to evidence submitted to investigators, the farmer tried shouting to drive away the burglars but one of them raised an object and began advancing towards him.

The farmer then turned around to run back to his house but tripped and fell, hurting his hand. The farmer was worried that the burglar would attack him so he turned around and tried shooting in the air while doing so in order to deter the burglars. He shot a number of times and a bullet hit one of the burglars, killing him.

This was not the first time that legal proceedings have been attempted against farmers who had fended off thieves. In 2009 farmer Shai Dromi was acquitted of manslaughter after shooting and killing a Bedouin thief. In the wake of the Dromi case, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz promulgated a law stating that all opposition by a person to someone who breaks into his home or property is considered self-defense. Katz, a former Agriculture Minister, lives in the agricultural Moshav Kfar Achim, near Kiryat Malachi, an area that has also been plagued by Bedouin thievery.

In October 2012 an Israeli farmer was killed in Moshav Avihayil by Arab burglars who murdered him during the course of a robbery.