IDF Manpower Directorate head General Moti Almoz
IDF Manpower Directorate head General Moti Almoz Flash 90

The head of the IDF Manpower Directorate General Motti Almoz responded to charges that IDF soldiers did not shoot at the truck terrorist and stated that the cadets from Training School 1 were on an educational tour which was supposed to have lasted over the course of the week.

Almoz said that "we have testimony from two cadets who spoke with the commander of Training School 1 and stated that they shot at the terrorist the moment they realized it was an attack and not an accident. I don't know if they delayed shooting."

Almoz added that "There was a large group which realized that it was an attack and another group which did not realize it was an attack. Two soldiers cocked their weapons and tried to eliminate the terrorist. The whole incident lasted seconds. The cadets say that it took seconds to understand that it was an attack. The matter is being investigated."

"It is expected of soldiers to endeavor to respond. We will investigate the soldiers seen running away in the video clip, but we don't yet know the reasons [for this]. It was a relatively large area and we don't need 50 or 100 people opening fire but rather those who are close to the scene. I don't know whether the security guards nearby acted as they should in such a situation."