Police Commissioner
Police Commissioner Eliran Aharon

Police Commissioner Roni Alshikh arrived Sunday afternoon at the scene of the ramming attack near the Haas Promenade in southern Jerusalem in which four Israelis were murdered.

Alshikh explained that a gag order had been placed on the investigation of the attack in order to allow police work to take place without any interference. Alshikh did reveal that the terrorist was an East Jerusalem resident who held an Israeli driver's license. The truck had a yellow license plate which is given only to vehicles not owned by Arabs from Judea and Samaria, whose license plates are white.

Alshikh added that there had not been a specific warning before the present terror attack but that "there are always forces deployed in order to prevent and reduce the number of terror attacks. We are adding 300 more policemen in the Jerusalem sector to maintain security and will continue to enlist more policemen."

Alshikh added that soldiers acted quickly at the scene, but later reports show that the terrorist was killed by one of the tour guides.