David Bitan
David BitanYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Coalition Head David Bitan (Likud) spoke with Army Radio on Sunday morning regarding the investigation of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"There’s won’t be an indictment. But even if there’s some situation like that, which I don’t see happening, the prime minister, as opposed to a minister, can still remain in power," Bitan told them. He also said even if Netnayhu is charged, he will still be able to serve as Prime Minister.

Regarding the reported recording of Netanyahu discussing favors, Bitan said it's "very serious" that someone recorded the Prime Minister.

Israel Police are currently investigating Netanyahu for accepting cigars and champagne as bribes, as well as for another charge which has not yet been specified.

Netanyahu's lawyer, Jacob Weinroth, said, "Any intelligent person knows that if a friend or someone close to you gives a friend cigars as a gift, there is not and cannot be anything prohibited about that - no shred of a criminal act... I am convinced that when the answers of the Prime Minister are heard by those who need to hear them, it will turn out that there is no fear of a criminal offense in any of these things."