Investigator's car leaving Netanyahu investigation
Investigator's car leaving Netanyahu investigation Hadas Porush, Flash 90

The newspaper Haaretz claims that the police have recordings of the Prime Minister conducting negotiations with a businessman on mutual acceptance of favors.

The newspaper also claims that during his last interrogation that took place last weekend police played the recordings to the Prime Minister, and that he was surprised.

According to the report, "the heart of the matter under suspicion was a blunt attempt to weave a deal between capital and government. This is not a promise of suitcases of cash in exchange for a monopoly on gas, or an encrypted bank account transfer for infrastructure or mineral franchises. However, the evidence indicates a situation in which people of money and power are trying to cut an alliance of give and take - support to help the prime minister continue ruling the kingdom, in exchange for use of his power to ensure achievements whose worth is measured in huge sums."

It was additionally reported that when the data reached the desk of Attorney General Avihai Mandelblit "he brooded over it for months, and went so far this weekend as to issue a proclamation: The affair is serious from a public perspective, and borderline from a criminal perspective".

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