Esteban Santiago
Esteban SantiagoReuters

Federal prosecutors in the United States on Saturday filed charges against 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, suspected of carrying out Friday’s shooting attack at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, in which five people were killed and eight wounded, reports The Associated Press.

A criminal complaint filed by the Miami U.S. attorney's office accuses Santiago of an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death.

The punishment is execution or any prison sentence up to life, according to AP.

Prosecutors also charged Santiago with two firearms offenses.

Santiago, an Iraq war veteran, reportedly traveled from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale specifically to carry out the shooting.

Earlier on Saturday it was reported that Santiago walked into an FBI office in Alaska two months ago claiming the U.S. government had "forced him to watch ISIS videos" and to fight for ISIS.

After an investigation, he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital, and stayed there a short time before being released. His brother said Santiago's girlfriend had called the family in recent months to report the deterioration in his mental stability.