General Uzi Dayan
General Uzi Dayan Arutz Sheva

Former Deputy Chief of Staff, General Uzi Dayan, testified for the defense at the trial of Elor Azariya. On Wednesday, during the reading of the verdict, the judges criticized Dayan's position,stating that "we find numerous difficulties with Dayan's sweeping statement that 'terrorists must die', made without clarifying his words and stating clearly in what circumstances their death would be justified. Apparently his position does not coincide with the IDF rules of engagement."

Dayan responded Thursday to the criticisms directed at him. "I am among those who wrote the rules of engagement and I adapted them to terror warfare," said Dayan in an interview with Sivan Rahav Meir on Channel 2 news. "Therefore the court will not teach me about rules of engagement"

"The question I was asked referred to the goal of the IDF operation and not to Azariya himself. My statement criticized the fact that the terrorist was not eliminated during the encounter itself. If we wish to live, then terrorists must die," said Dayan.

Regarding the conviction of Azariya, Dayan said that "the verdict is harsh, painful and in many ways lacking any basis, but we must accept it and respect it because we are an army in a democratic, law-abiding state."

Dayan claimed that it shouldn't have been a criminal trial. "I think that combat soldiers even when they have erred, should not be arraigned for criminal trial unless there is no other option. However once it has happened we must respect the court's decision."

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