Following the conviction of IDF soldier Elor Azariya on Wednesday afternoon, Arutz Sheva spoke with Azariya's lawyer, Attorney Ilan Katz.

"We think that the verdict is wrong and we will appeal shortly," Katz said. "We hope the appeal will be accepted and the verdict will be canceled....

"During the trial there were several times in which the court was unfair towards the soldier and towards our witness. I think we will be able to prove it in the appeal.... the soldier only shot a terrorist who came to kill [...] and was still able to kill or injure the soldiers who were at the scene."

In addition, Israeli journalist Sharon Gal said, "The court has decided to convict Elor Azariya, in a completely one-sided, biased, and horrific fashion. They have chosen B'tselem's version over the version of an excellent IDF combat soldier. They did not give any weight to any of the claims or proofs which were carefully and professionally brought to court.

"It's as if the court is completely divorced from the fact that we're talking about the scene of a terror attack, and the terrorist was a murderer," Gal continued.

"I felt like the court picked the knife up from the ground where the terrorist had dropped it, and stabbed it into the back of an excellent IDF combat soldier, and into the backs of all IDF combat soldiers, who need to deal with a very difficult reality.

"I can tell you one thing: this verdict will be appealed, this unjust and horrific verdict will be fixed. Elor Azariya will be declared innocent, and I will be there with him until it happens," Gal concluded.

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