Jewish Home faction meeting in Ma'ale Adumim
Jewish Home faction meeting in Ma'ale Adumim Hezki Baruch

Education Minister Naftali Bennett announced his intention to submit a bill in the Knesset to apply Israeli law to parts of Judea and Samaria at a Jewish Home faction meeting in the city of Ma'ale Adumim Monday.

"We are continuing today in the footsteps of Levi Eshkol, who applied [Israeli] law to Jerusalem, of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who founded Ma'ale Adumim, and of Menachem Begin, who applied [Israeli] sovereignty to the Golan. Today we continue in Ma'ale Adumim and then to other parts of the country." Bennett said.

"Bennett called for an end to military rule and the application of full sovereignty in its place. "After 50 years we are year and it is time to end the military rule. So by the end of the month a law will be availible to apply [Israeli] law to Ma'aleh Adumim, together with all coalition factions. I expect that all Cabinet members will lend a hand towards this path. The nationalist government has no other option. We have to overcome the obstacles to sovereignty."

"Israeli citizens have paid with thousands of casualties, tens of thousands of rockets, and countless condemnations for that failed messianic policy of a Palestinian state. The [logical] conclusion is to stop buying into the folly of a Palestinian state and start applying Israeli law in Ma'ale Adumim, the Jordan Valley, Ariel, and all of Area C as soon as possible. That is how we'll win." he declared.

"We need to understand that we have a small window of opportunity, this one final chance before the world imposes on us a terrorist state on Route 6. It is sovereignty or Palestine. If there is no sovereignty there will be Palestine. There is no other option." Bennett stressed.

In response to an Arutz Sheva reporter's question as to whether Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu should resign in light of the investigation against him Bennett replied: "The investigation may end with nothing. There are things which are very important to the stability of the Israeli government, and that is good governance."

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