Scene of Istanbul terror attack
Scene of Istanbul terror attack Reuters

Turkish media reported on Monday that the terrorist who killed 39 and wounded up to 150 more in a New Year's Eve shooting attack on Saturday night were ISIS terrorists.

"There are similarities between this terror attack and the one ISIS carried out in June at the airport in Atatürk," they said.

ISIS later took responsibility for the Istanbul terror attack, claiming it was carried out "to take revenge on Turkey, who serves the cross" and was done "for the sake of Allah's religion."

"After the blessed actions of the ISIS martyr against those in Turkey who observe the religion of the cross, when he destroyed them with hand grenades and bullets, and turned their joy into sadness, 150 people were killed and wounded in revenge for the sake of Allah's religion. The commander of the believers has ordered us to harm those who serve the cross, in Turkey," an ISIS statement read.

The statement also said the "heretical Turkish government should know Muslims spilled its blood with bombs from its planes...we will light more fires in the country with Allah's help."

The shooter who carried out the attack on an Istanbul nightclub has not yet been found, and authorities are still actively searching for him.

Four Israelis were at the nightclub at the time of the attack. Two were wounded and a third was killed.