Memorial candles (illustrative)
Memorial candles (illustrative) Flash90

A husband and wife passed away within a few hours of each other Sunday night, traveling together into the world to come, the Behadrei Haredim news site reported.

Toiba Glick, 89, passed away Sunday evening. Just a few hours later her husband, Rabbi Yosef Isaac Glick, one of the leaders of the Kiryat Bobov community in Bat Yam, passed away at the age of 95. He never knew that his wife had passed away before him.

Rabbi Glick and his wife immigrated to Israel from Romania following the Holocaust. They were married for 71 years.

The funerals were held shortly after the couple passed away. The Glick family had just returned from the funeral of their mother when they were told that their father had also passed away in his home. Rabbi Glick's funeral took place at 8:00 PM. He was buried next to his wife, to spend eternity with her,