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The IDF is changing its cyber intelligence processing operational methods. From now, the entire domain of cyber counterintelligence will be transferred to the IDF telecommunications division, while all cyber intelligence gathering will remain the responsibility of Army Intelligence.

A senior IDF officer said that the Chief of Staff's directive is to the effect that by the end of the multi-annual 'Gideon' program, a cyber division capable of standing on its own is to be fully operational. However, until then, with the main goal the protection of the entire military system and its offshoots, it is necessary to divide the cyber network between the various bodies, and this accounts for the changes currently taking place in the army.

The IDF explained that at this point in time, despite the fact that Israel is well-positioned in terms of cyber, there is a need for a telecommunications facelift to improve the division's knowledge and professionalism.

The army began work on the establishment of its planned cyber division six months ago, but this involves a constant learning, rechecking and monitoring process.

The central staff decision has been made, as explained here, and will eventually lead to the establishment of the independent cyber division in four years.