SusyaFlash 90

The Judea and Samaria Police received on Saturday a report of the word "revenge" written with rocks, along with a Star of David, on the ground between the Arabs' illegal settlement and the Jewish town of Susya.

According to the Arabs' claim, the Jews hit them and tried to force them off Susya's property, by not allowing them to work the land.

The police have arrested three Jews who are suspected of being involved in the incident.

"This morning we received a report of rocks being arranged to form the word "revenge" along with a Star of David. The rock arrangements were near Susya and on the Arabs' property. IDF forces arrived in the area after a disagreement broke out between the Jews and the Palestinians. The soldiers were attacked by Jews who refused to leave the area, in opposition to orders. Three adult Jews were arrested."

The illegal Arab building near Susya is not new and continues to grow. However, the Civil Authority refuses to do anything about it.