Elor Azariya at the military court
Elor Azariya at the military courtYoni Kempinski

Soldier Elor Azariya, on trial for shooting a wounded terrorist in Hevron, was released this morning for a short break until Sunday from the imprisonment in which he is currently held.

The break was granted Azariya with limiting conditions: he is forbidden from leaving his home, giving an interview or having his picture taken.

Azariya has now for 9 months been in open imprisonment at the Nachshonim military base near Rosh Ha’ayin. His father, Charlie, took him home this morning from the base for the break at his family home.

Spokesman for the Azariya family Ran Karmi Bozaglo announced that “Elor was released for a short break, on the eve of the deliberations at which the verdict for his case will be announced."

"It is of note that limitations and conditions have been imposed on the break, including that he is forbidden from leaving his home, something which implies house arrest.”

“The members of the family believe and hope that soon the Army will return to them the son whom they sent to guard the homeland. The family requests that the public respect its privacy and allow them to best utilize the short time allotted to share with their son,” he added.