“The left is trying to get rid of history” by taking the study of religion out of the curriculum, Congressman David Brat (R-VA) told Arutz Sheva at the Jerusalem Leaders’ Summit which recently took place in Jerusalem.

“Education in our country is totally distorted. K-12 kids aren’t taught any religion, no ethics, no philosophers of note and they don’t know what a business is when they graduate at 18. The left is dismantling history and getting rid of philosophy because those are the data points for human nature,” he added.

Despite the fact that it used to be known as the “party of liberty”, the left right now “is the furthest thing from liberal and liberty,” said Brat.

“They are using scare tactics on kids. In the States now there are news stories every night of kids being told, ‘You should not have freedom of speech when it comes to Trump, or being a Republican or religious idea.’ I’ve had kids in my own district say ‘God bless you’ after another kid sneezes, and they get in trouble,” he continued.

Schools today “don’t want lawsuits, they don’t want tension, so they say, ‘Leave God at home.’ The central question is what is a good human life and what makes it good. In the Judeo-Christian tradition we have an answer to the definition of good. The left cannot give you an answer to what is good today.”