United Nations Security Council
United Nations Security CouncilReuters

The UN Security Council will convene another meeting on Israeli policies on January 17th, just three days before the termination of the Obama administration.

The meeting was intentionally convened after the Paris Conference on January 16th in which the US is supposed to take part, although Israel is boycotting the one-sided "peace" conference. Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated that he would be happy to come to France and conduct direct negotiations with Mahmoud Abbas, but he is not willing to attend an international event which intends to deal with the conditions for peace without direct negotiations between the parties.

The Israeli delegation to the UN is already preparing for possible new initiatives as well as another possible anti-Israel resolution which may be proposed.

The Israeli government is concerned that the Obama administration will attempt to pass a resolution which referring to the conclusions of the Paris Conference and may even attempt to define guidelines for an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.

According to diplomatic sources one of the Obama administration's goals may be to tie the hands of the new Trump administration regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict.