Turkey's Ataturk Airport
Turkey's Ataturk AirportReuters

Two weeks before a Turkish police officer shot and killed the Russian ambassador to Ankara, a Turkish government-approved television show showed a woman shooting at the Israeli Consulate in Turkey.

The scene showed a diplomatic event, with many respected diplomats in attendance, including the Israeli Consular Officer in Turkey, as well as Russia's Consular Officer. At one point, one of the guests at the event puts her hand in her bag, pulls out a gun, and points it at the Israeli.

In the TV show, security guards manage to overcome and kill the woman, preventing her from carrying out the planned attack. They then discover her gun had no bullets.

Though Turkey has kept confidential the details of the attack on Russia's ambassador to Ankara, the young policeman who shot the ambassador shares an apartment with a close friend of Turkey's Interior Minister.

The Interior Minister was one of the first to arrive on the scene after the Russian ambassador was killed.

Turkey's strained relations with Israel after the violent Mavi Marmara incident have recently warmed, and the two countries exchanged ambassadors after five years of a frozen diplomatic front and agreed to work together on a gas pipeline.