Tommy Lapid
Tommy Lapid Flash 90

Yesh Atid Part Chairman Yair Lapid said that his father, Tommy Lapid, would be rolling over in his grave Tuesday following reports that the Israeli ambassador to the UN was absent during votes on the collecting of evidence of war crimes in Syria at the UN.

"If he was alive, he'd be 85." Lapid wrote on his Facebook page to mark his father's birthday. "I often wonder what he would think about what is happening now in Israel, but there are days, like today when [the answer] just screams out at me."

"Dad is screaming this morning. Since the news was published that the Prime Minister ordered our ambassador to the UN to miss the vote on the collection of evidence of war crimes in Syria. We have stayed away from the votes in order to suck up to the Russians, just two minutes before they blasted us at the Security Council vote."

"My father was a Holocaust survivor." Lapid added. "It wasn't just a biographical detail, but the central experience of his life. That is what shaped his moral perception, in addition to his passionate and uncompromising Zionism. Children have been killed in Syria. Tens of thousands of children are starving, as he was [during the Holocaust]. [They have been] bombarded as he was and sentenced to death as he was. And we didn't even bother to show up to vote. Even though they did not ask us for help, only to take a moral stand. And we didn't even do that."

"Dad always blamed the world for being silent - for not having done anything while he was in the ghetto and his father, my grandfather, died in the gas chambers. If he heard that this time we were the silent ones, he wouldn't forgive us." Lapid concluded.