Avigdor Liberman
Avigdor LibermanHezky Baruch

At a Yisrael Beyteinu faction meeting, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman referred to the UN Security Council's decision as a "superfluous and wretched" decision. He added that he is now concerned with the forthcoming Paris conference.

"On the 15th of January there will be a conference in Paris to discuss the Israeli-Arab conflict. This is not a peace conference but rather a conference whose goal is to harm Israel's reputation and to cause damage to the State of Israel. A modern-day version of the Dreyfus trial. Instead of one Jew being on the bench of the accused, the entire Jewish nation will be there." added Liberman.

Liberman said that if all of France's votes in UN institutions over the past year were examined, it would become abundantly clear what direction this conference is going to take. "This is the time to tell the Jews of France: This is not your country or land, leave France and come to Israel, that is the only answer we should give to this initiative."

Liberman said that the UN vote was conducted without any connection to Israel's policies towards Palestinian Arabs and stated that "we need to reach an agreement with the new administration on these issues. We are looking for ways to control the damage [this resolution caused] and rectify the damage already done. This does not mean the Regulation Law but rather we need to focus on the future and present a clear position to the new administration. We don't need to make declarations or to annex but rather to reach an agreement with the new administration and then everything will be solved."