Authorities in Milan, Italy say a man matching the description of the key suspect in this past Monday’s attack on a Berlin Christmas market was shot and killed during a shootout Friday morning.

According to the Italian Ansa news outlet, the man was shot after he drew a gun during a security check outside of the Sesto San Giovanni train station.

Anis Amri, a 24-year old Tunisian whose ID was found inside the truck used to run down shoppers in Monday’s attack, has been the main suspect since Tuesday, after a Pakistani migrant was initially detained following the massacre, but later released for lack of evidence.

Italian police contacted German security officials after the incident and efforts are being made to positively identify the man killed as Amri.

The attack left 12 dead and 48 wounded. One Israeli, Dalia Elyakim, was killed in the attack. Her Husband, Rami, was wounded is listed in serious condition.

Earlier on Friday, German police revealed that Amri had visited a Berlin mosque just hours after the deadly attack, adding that they believe he is still located in the German capital.

A man reportedly matching the Amri's description was also spotted in Denmark, Danish police said on Friday.