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Amona residents submitted their declaration to the Supreme Court this morning, stating that they are committed to evacuating their community without opposition.

"In order to remove all doubt, all the respondents who are residents of Amona see themselves as obligated by the signature of the elected leaders of the community on the agreement to evacuate and to promote the option of regulating Amona. Correspondingly, they are obligated to the arrangement with the state according to which they will evacuate without confrontation or opposition in accordance with the community's decision," said the declaration.

The announcement came in response to the Supreme Court's demand that residents commit to the solution proposed by the state and evacuate in accordance with that arrangement.

The residents added that they are convinced the state will stand by its obligations and construct temporary buildings for the use of Amona residents as well as fulfilling the other obligations delineated in the agreement signed with Amona residents.

Yesterday last night, the Supreme Court demanded that Amona residents commit "all as one" to evacuate their homes peacefully before it discusses the state's request for a postponement of the evacuation.

"In order to remove all doubt, all the respondents who are residents of Amona are requested to declare unequivocally that they agree and commit all as one to evacuate peacefully without any altercation or opposition in accordance with the date which the court will determine, without the matter being an expression of the court's opinion at this stage," stated the judges Wednesday evening. They stressed that the residents' declaration had to be submitted by 10 a,m. Thursday morning.

The Palestinians who claim ownership to the land on which Amona resides presented to the court their objections to the state's request to defer the evacuation. "This request for a delay of action [...] is the peak of the respondents' departure from any semblance of maintaining rule of law, equality, and fairness," they wrote.