Amona Amona spokesman Gidi Sharon

Amona residents denied reports this morning that they had decided not to sign the personal guarantee issued by the Supreme Court that they would leave their community peaceably, but instead would simply submit a letter in the name of all of the residents in which they affirmed the agreement which was signed between them and the State.

"The things that were published are false. The residents of Amona have accepted the demand of the Court. We are all completely obligated to the agreement at which we arrived with the government, and we will emphasize this today to the Supreme Court, as well.

"It is best that the media wait for our response [before drawing conclusions]," the residents said.

Last night, the High Court demanded that Amona residents commit "all as one" to evacuate their homes peacefully before it discusses the state's request for a postponement of the evacuation.

"In order to remove all doubt, all the respondents who are residents of Amona are requested to declare unequivocally that they agree and commit all as one to evacuate peacefully without any altercation or opposition in accordance with the date which the court will determine, without the matter being an expression of the court's opinion at this stage," stated the judges Wednesday evening. They stressed that the residents declaration had to be submitted by 10.A.M. Thursday morning.

On Tuesday the State Attorney petitioned the High Court to delay by 45 days the final date by which Amona would be evacuated, in accordance with the arrangement signed between the state and residents.

The State Attorney's Office stated in the petition that, due to the complexity and sensitivity of the evacuation of over 40 families and about 200 children from Amona, the state invested extraordinary efforts into finding a solution which would allow the community to be evacuated peacefully and without conflict, while minimizing any damage done to the residents.

The petition added that on Monday the residents of Amona had agreed to leave peacefully as a result of the arrangement made with the government for constructing alternative housing for them in the area.

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