MK Michael Oren (Kulanu) said on Wednesday that he is frustrated by the Knesset Committee's decision to revoke MK Basel Ghattas's (Joint List) immunity since he can continue to vote and receive a Knesset salary, and the revocation only allows for his criminal investigation.

Oren, who serves today as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister`s Office, stressed that "the Knesset is not a court of law and cannot decide whether a person is guilty or not. We are here to decide whether a member of Knesset accused of aiding terror can leave the country - but it is impossible to prevent his entry into the Knesset."

In this case, since he clearly committed a felony and was caught red-handed, Oren feels that Ghattas should have no immunity whatsoever and should be stripped of all his rights.

Oren believes that criteria needs to be established and the impeachment procedure which exists in the United States should be adopted. This would allow for the expulsion from the Knesset of any member of Knesset who exhibits unbecoming behavior according to those set standards.

"If this were to happen in America, according to the American constitution that congressman would be impeached. This has happened on 20 occasions, the last one in 2006. I think we need to learn from the oldest and strongest democracy in the world. We should establish empiric criteria so that an MK accused of unbecoming behavior will not be able to continue to sit here and receive a salary. We decide how to maintain the Knesset's honor and integrity," concluded Oren.