AmonaFlash 90

The State Attorney's Office filed a petition to the Supreme Court Tuesday evening to delay the evacuation of Amona by 45 days.

The petition comes after the government and the residents of Amona approved a compromise solution which would allow 24 families from the community to remain on the same hill.

The State Attorney's Office states in the petition that due to the complexity and sensitivity of the evacuation of more than 40 families and about 200 children from Amona, the state invested extraordinary efforts into finding a solution which would allow the community to be evacuated peacefully and without conflict, while minimizing any damage done to the residents.

The Supreme Court has ordered that Amona be demolished by December 25. The state requested the delay in order to have time to prepare alternative housing at the new location for the residents.

The construction of the temporary housing in the alternative plot was delayed after relatives of an Arab from the town of Silwad who currently lives in Jordan filed claims of ownership on the land slated for the relocation of Amona on his behalf. The state is waiting for the verdict before beginning construction of the temporary housing.

The state clarified that it would not seek a further delay if the 45 day delay is granted, even if the housing is not ready by the end of the 45 days.

The Supreme Court had previously rejected a request by the state to delay the demolition of the town by seven months.