Yair Lapid
Yair Lapid Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Yesh Atid head Yair Lapid reported at his Knesset faction meeting that he had appealed to the Attorney-General to remove the parliamentary immunity of MK Basel Ghattas(Joint Arab List)

Ghattas, a member of the Balad faction within the Joint List, allegedly smuggled in cellular devices to jailed Hamas terrorists, enabling them to continue their activities from behind bars.

"If the allegations regarding MK Ghattas are correct, he must be suspended from the Knesset. In order to expedite this procedure I requested that the Attorney General act immediately to remove the immunity of MK Basel Ghattas. I understand that there was an attempt to implement the (MK) removal law, but give me a break , that would be an idiotic procedure," said Lapid.

He said that "This is not the way to fight one who aids terror. It would take three years of legal processes and would stymie any other procedure. If Ghattas did what he is suspected of doing, he is a wretched traitor who deserves to sit in jail, not to wander around in the coming years claiming political persecution."

Lapid attacked the government for making broad cuts in ministerial budgets for political reasons. "There is money. There are periods when there isn't money but now there is, and instead of giving it to the citizens it is allocated to political parties.

Lapid may have been referring to government plans to fund bulletproof buses in Judea and Samaria, as well as funding the transfer of the Amona community to absentee properties.

"What happened yesterday at the cabinet meeting is unprecedented even in this government. The prime minister explained to everyone that there is no choice but to transfer money to political needs. 2 billion shekels were cut from social budgets and allocated to political needs. All that interests them is politics.

"Yesterday I was in Afula. Hundreds of good people were there who care about their country and cannot understand why they have been forgotten, why their childrens' education and their parents' health has been ignored. Why has the government forgotten that they exist and only remembers how to make political maneuvers?," said Lapid.

Lapid criticized the government for designating 2 million shekels for "the tombs of the forefathers" and quoted the prophet Amos who in the Bible reading this week decried the behavior of his generation and said that they "make the ephah smaller and make the shekel larger, and pervert deceitful scales...purchase the poor with money, and the needy in order to inherit them."