Ze'ev Elkin
Ze'ev ElkinMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Jerusalem Affairs Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) initiated on Monday the process for the removal of Joint List MK Basel Ghattas, following the revelation on Sunday that Ghattas was under police investigation for allegedly aiding the Hamas terror group.

Ghattas, a member of the Balad faction within the Joint List, allegedly smuggled in cellular devices to jailed Hamas terrorists, enabling them to continue their activities from behind bars.

In a letter to fellow MKs on Monday, Elkin called for Ghattas’ removal from the Knesset.

“Within the framework of the [MK] Removal Law, I call upon my fellow MKs to put an end to the phenomenon of Knesset Members openly aiding terrorism and supporting it, in total violation of the responsibilities they accepted upon themselves,” wrote Elkin.

While no charges have yet been filed against Ghattas, Elkin claimed there was little doubt regarding the Balad MK’s guilt.

“The facts are clear, but despite this MK Basel Ghattas hasn’t expressed any remorse. The criminal investigation against him could take a long time, and there’s no reason whatsoever that he should continue to serve all that time in the Knesset, to receive a salary at the public’s expense, and to take advantage of his parliamentary immunity and position to aid terrorists. Let’s put an end to this.”

Ghattas has denied the allegations against him, calling the police probe part of a larger pattern of harassment and persecution against his party.