Israeli activists demonstrated in support of Syria's civilian population Sunday night, with 1,000 activists forming a human chain which stretched half a kilometer from the Russian embassy to the US embassy in Tel Aviv.

The demonstration was organized by the Israeli anti-racism organization Tag Meir.

“We cannot stand on the sidelines in the face of the horrific images of civilian slaughter coming out of Aleppo. We can’t be silent,” Tag Meir wrote on its Facebook page before the demonstration.

Demonstrators held signs in English and Hebrew which read "Stop the massacre."

"As Israelis and as Jews we cannot be silent when innocent people are murdered not far from Israel's borders. We are here to make our voices and shouts heard which call on world powers to stop the massacre in Syria," said Tag Meir chairman Gadi Gvaryahu.

The Syrian Civil War has regained its prominence in the public consciousness following reports of massacres of women and children and other gross violations of human rights during the Assad regime's campaign to reconquer Aleppo.