Erdan and Netanyahu
Erdan and Netanyahu Amit Shabi/POOL

The cabinet approved a 1.2 billion shekel ($310 million) cut to the 2017-2018 state budget Sunday.

Ten million shekels ($2.6 million) will be cut from the Prime Minister's office, 32 million shekels ($8.25)from the Public Security Ministry, 168 million shekels ($43 million) from the Defense Ministry, and 88.6 million shekels $22.9 million) from the Education Ministry.

Many other ministries and offices will also see cuts to their budgets, as will local municipalities.

The cuts amount to 1.25% of the total budget of each ministry.

Seventy million shekels ($18 million) from the cut budget will be allocated for the resettlement of the residents of Amona, who agreed to a compromise solution for their community Sunday.

A heated debate arose during deliberations on the budget between Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Interior Security Minister Gilad Erdan. Shaked and Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel sought to remove a clause from the budget which would have established a tax on residents of kibbutzim. The tax would have brought 550 million shekels ($142 million) into the state's coffers. The new article which was entered reduces the amount of money which would go into the state's coffers to 350 million shekels($90.3 million).

Erdan said: "I don;t see why I should pay for it from my office. All that matters to you is your sector."

Shaked criticized Erdan's tone, and said that she and Ariel wished to aid the kibbutzim, which she said "protect the state lands."

Erdan later tweeted that the debate may have been stormy and interesting, but it was ultimately not important and he had since calmed down.

"I wish I had the [kind of] cooperation with all the ministers I have between me and Shaked." he added.

Shaked also expressed her desire to put the argument behind them. "It happens in the best of families." she said of the argument.

Shaked said that she wanted to protect the residents of kibbutzim "even though most of them do not vote for Jewish Home." She added: "Without them we have no country."