Cemetary (illustration)
Cemetary (illustration) Flash 90

The family of a Jewish man in Brazil who passed away seven years ago were shocked to find the body of their departed relative not in his grave, but thrown on the cemetery grounds in a disrespectful and disgraceful manner.

Another man was found to have been buried in the grave after the Jewish man's body had been dug up about two weeks ago.

Brazilian law allows for bodies to be exhumed seven years after burial and reburied elsewhere.

According to the report by the haredi radio station Kol Chai, the local cemetery asked the family to pay thousands of dollars for the body of their loved one to be re-interred. The family then attempted to bring the body to Israel. David Azoulay, the Minister of Religious Affairs, investigated the feasibility of the move, and found that the ministry is unable to fund the reburial under the law due to the death having occurred seven years ago.

The body was reburied in a plot in the local ceremony last Friday, shortly before the start of the Sabbath, following pressure by Israeli politicians.

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