MK Ghattas
MK GhattasFlash 90

Israel police have summoned MK Basel Ghattas (Joint Arab List) for questioning on suspicion of involvement in security offenses.

According to the report by Channel 2, the investigation was triggered by information received by the Prison Service’s intelligence unit about visits Ghattas made to prisoners in Israeli jails. A member of the Balad party is also under investigation.

"It is clear that the police are intent on continuing the persecution of political leaders and Balad members." Ghattas said. "This conduct indicates a policy of political vindictiveness which did not scare us in the past and does not frighten us now."

Matan Peleg, the head of the 'Im Tirtzu' organization, said: "MKs from the Joint List continue to act as if they think they are above the law. Ghattas continues the glorious tradition of Balad members to accept a salary from the State of Israel while at the same time working against the state. It is time to hold them accountable before they cause even greater damage."