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Members of the Lavi Citizen’s Rrights Organization will participate in the conference at the University of Haifa School of Political Studies which will discuss the vision documents of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee.

The Committee is an NGO who's aim is to coordinate the political actions of various Israeli-Arab bodies. It's composed of Arab MK's, Arab local council heads, and other representatives of Israel's Arabs.

Conference participants include among others the CEO of the far-left, foreign-funded organization Adalah and Knesset members from the Arab Joint List party.

Daniel Sigalov, Chairman of Lavi, told Arutz Sheva that they intend to put tough questions to the anti-Zionist conference.

"We collected signatures on a petition and went to the university president and director of the School of Political Studies to cancel the conference. It is inconceivable that the university will discuss the anti-Zionist vision documents of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee which advocates annulling the definition of Israel as Jewish state and establishing a ‘state of all its citizens.’ Such a conference should not be sponsored by an academic institution that is supposed to be Zionist," he said.

According to Sigalov, Lavi has been denied permission to demonstrate.

"They should at least include in the conference lecturers from the right,” Sigalov said. He also said this is not the first time the University of Haifa has held events of a similar nature. "Every year they host a Nakba ceremony. Last year, the Arab parties hosting the ceremony did not allow Jewish students to enter, and students were suspended from the university for trying to come in. This time they really went too far."

The Lavi organization works for civil rights in Israel and for encouraging Jewish settlement through legal and research tools, and the media.