IDF soldiers (illustration)
IDF soldiers (illustration)IDF Spokesperson

Soldiers from the Tzabar Battalion of the Givati Brigade, who are stationed near the community of Ofra, on Saturday night abandoned their post in protest against the impending eviction of Amona.

The soldiers asked not to take part in the closing of roads around Ofra and Amona, fearing they would be asked to take part in the actual eviction of Amona.

The Battalion commanders spoke with them and assured them that they would not be asked to take part in the eviction. The soldiers then agreed to return to their post.

The IDF spokesman said of the incident, "This evening, several fighters left their post. The commanders spoke to them and they returned to their posts. The IDF, by virtue of its being an army serving a democratic state, will continue to fulfill its duties in accordance with the instructions of the political echelons."

“The IDF condemns any kind of refusal to obey orders and will show zero tolerance towards it. Refusal to obey orders is incompatible with the values ​​by which the IDF operates,” it added.