Amona Miriam Alster/Flash 90

IDF forces in large numbers arrived on Saturday evening in the community of Amona, in preparation for the eviction of its residents and the demolition of their homes in the coming days.

The troops began to block the roadways and intersections in the nearby community of Ofra, in order to prevent nationalist activists from arriving at the area and fighting with security forces.

In Amona itself, a meeting took place on Saturday night attended by members of the Yesha Council, the Jewish Home and local residents. There is no further information about what was discussed at that meeting.

Meanwhile, security forces reportedly evacuated entire sections of four prisons around Israel ahead of the demolition of Amona.

According to the reports, a date for the eviction has not yet been set and security forces have not yet been instructed to move towards Amona.

The reports further said that there is no intention to surprise the residents and therefore the eviction will probably not take place during the night.

The rabbi of Amona, Rabbi Yair Frank, earlier Saturday published a statement emphasizing that the fight against the eviction must be passive and nonviolent.

"Our complete opposition to the destruction of the town of Amona must be expressed in a passive and nonviolent protest only. It is clear to us no one, in no situation, will raise a hand against the soldiers and policemen, who are our brothers,” he said.

"We call upon the thousands who will come to help us to fight only in this way, and not to lift a hand against any of our brothers, the soldiers and policemen. Violence must be avoided at all costs," the rabbi emphasized in his statement.

Similarly, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked (Jewish Home) called for a nonviolent protest.

"I know Amona's residents, they will not hurt the security forces. We're talking about people who love this land. They won't hurt security forces, but we have to make sure no one else comes, because outsiders may not be as peaceful," Shaked said.

"It is absolutely forbidden to raise a hand against soldiers or policemen. I hope this expulsion will be passive and nonviolent," she added. "The demolition of a town in Israel is not an everyday occurrence. It's a very painful and difficult event, and a democratic country must accept all forms of passive protest."