David Friedman
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Israelis today welcomed President-Elect Donald Trump’s choice for Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, and are encouraged by his first statement that he will work in his new post “from the U.S. embassy in Israel’s eternal capital, Jerusalem.”

As Israelis, we are delighted to welcome Mr. Friedman as the new US Ambassador to Israel,” said Marc Zell, Co-Chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel (ROI). “Especially since he made it clear, at our event in October, that he and the Trump Administration will move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.”

This year in Jerusalem, Israel!” added Zell.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Friedman can move the US Embassy to Jerusalem with zero effort and zero US taxpayer dollars,” said Zell. “Here’s how: First, the US law on the books, passed under President Bill Clinton, states that America must move its Embassy to Jerusalem. Every 6 months since that law was passed, each President – most recently Barack Obama just a few days ago – signed a waiver to, in effect, override US law.”

All Mr. Trump has to do, in less than six months, is nothing. The US law, which is in effect now, will not be overridden, and the US Embassy can be moved to Jerusalem the next day.”

And it will cost zero US taxpayer dollars,” added Zell. “All they need to do is change the sign on the US Consulate in Jerusalem to say ‘US Embassy.’ I know many Israelis who would gladly sponsor that sign; myself included.”

David Friedman was the guest of Republicans Overseas Israel at a rally in Jerusalem a week before the 2016 US election. At that rally, Mr. Friedman and Mr. Zell shared a stage, and Mr. Friedman reiterated America’s strong commitment, under a Trump Administration, to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Mr. Friedman, we look forward to working with you from your new office at the US Embassy in Jerusalem,” said Zell.