Duvi Honig and Sen. Ted Cruz
Duvi Honig and Sen. Ted Cruz צילום: Parnassah Network

The Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Executive Public Policy Committee congratulated David Friedman upon being selected by President-elect Donald Trump to serve as U.S. ambassador to Israel.

Friedman, a venerated longtime attorney and pro-Israel activist, has a close personal relationship with the OJC-Jewish Chamber and its Executive Public Policy Committee members Dr. Joseph Frager, Dr. Paul Brody, Odeleya Jacobs and Duvi Honig.

"David Friedman is an exceptionally talented and dedicated individual, whose loves Israel with all his heart," says Mr. Honig. "We would like to wish him the best of luck in this endeavor and look forward to working together on important issues."

The OJC-Jewish Chamber has taken an increasingly proactive role in issues pertaining to Israel, particularly the success of its economy and U.S.-Israel economic ties. The group recently held a high-profile news conference at the UN, headlined by former Ambassador John Bolton, to urge the Obama administration to support Israel at the UN. And final preparations are underway for the OJC-Jewish Chamber’s upcoming mission to Israel on January 3rd and 4th to strengthen U.S.-Israel economic ties. The mission will feature former Governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee as a special guest, among other dignitaries, and include a special Knesset symposium and VIP dinner with President Ruvi Rivlin.