Dr. David Bukay
Dr. David BukayHozen Leumi

Middle East Expert Dr. David Bukay called on the Israeli authorities to put a stop to the hanging of posters depicting Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with a noose at the Bezalel Academy of Arts instead of merely "investigating" the incident.

"This poster, which basically states that Netanyahu should hang, crosses a red line." he said in an interview with Arutz Sheva. "Apparently the left is allowed what the right is not allowed. If a right-winger says 'don't buy from Arabs' an investigation is opened, but when a left-winger calls for the same thing [against Jews[, nothing happens."

He added that it is not a new phenomenon for educators at Bezalel to teach hate to their students. "They are 'evil and perverse' (a biblical expression, ed.) people, and whoever did this is using Nazi. thinking. This is not just incitement. It goes much deeper. We must judge these people as the judges once judged the Nazis. If these people were arrested this morning [it would show that] we truly get it."

Bukay blamed the silence of the media for the left's ability to get away with hatred and incitement without consequences. "I accuse the media of having obscene levels of hatred [which have no place] in a civilized country. We have seen what the US media did to Donald Trump. The Israeli media did the same thing [to Trump] except for Arutz Sheva." he said. He further accused the media of "distortions and slander."

"Therefore, I refuse to speak [with the Israeali mainstream media]. They are worse than the Palestinian television media."