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An IDF soldier was sentenced to 10 days in a military prison after he distributed flyers encouraging his fellow soldiers to refuse to participate in the planned destruction of the town of Amona, the Honenu organization has reported.

The soldier, a recent recruit is said to have distributed flyers calling on his comrades to disobey orders if they are called upon to carry out the evacuation of the embattled Samarian town. He was later detained, sentenced, and transferred to Prison 6 to serve out his 10-day sentence.

The flyer the soldier reportedly handed out read as follows:

“Soldier/police officer! The State of Israel has decided to destroy a Jewish town. The security forces of which you are a part have been chosen to carry out the demolition operation. This decision contradicts the Jewish values which followed us and protected us for thousands of years. This decision harms you. You have the power to choose, to not harm the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and the Torah of Israel. You can choose not to be a part of this destruction; you can be the best soldier in the real war – the war for [Jewish values] and our land. Tell your friends and commander now that you will not be a part of an order like this!”

Hai Haber, an attorney for Honenu who is providing legal counsel for the soldier, responded to the jail sentence in a statement.

“This is a sad case, where the army chose to send a young man to prison who just entered the army. Even if the boy’s views don’t perfectly fit with some people, it would have been better if they would have just explained to him the rules for behavior in the army, and had not chosen to punish him in this severe manner.”