Violence in Sweden
Violence in SwedenReuters

An American Jewish filmmaker was beaten by Muslim residents of a “no-go zone” just outside of the Swedish capital.

Ami Horowitz, a filmmaker and regular contributor to Breitbart News, set out for a predominantly Muslim suburb of the Swedish capital city, Stockholm, to investigate the alleged “no-go” phenomenon, whereby Muslim immigrants and refugees absorbed into European countries often form ghettos closed off to non-Muslims and where Islamic law is enforced through vigilante justice.

Speaking to Breitbart on Wednesday, Horowitz described his trip to the town of Husby, a suburb of Stockholm and an area often cited as an example of no-go zones.

The reaction by locals to the presence of non-Muslims was almost immediate, said Horowitz.

“We cross into it [Husby], and I would say not even fifteen, maybe five seconds after we crossed in, five guys approached me and my crew. They said to us, ‘You guys gotta get out of here right now.’ My crew, being Swedish, they turned around and they booked out. I, being stupid, decided I’m going to stay and try to figure this thing out with these guys.”

Within moments, recalls Horowitz, he was under physical assault.

“Before the words can come out of my mouth, trying to explain what I’m doing there, the five guys jump on top of me. They were punching me, they were choking me, they were kicking me.”

But it wasn’t just the behavior of the five assailants that was frightening, Horowitz added. A crowd quickly gathered, yet no one intervened on his behalf. The reaction to his plight was mockery and laughter.

“I figured this is a very crowded square. I figured people would have pulled them off me, obviously. And when I noticed that wasn’t happening, I kind of peeked out of – my arms were covering up my head – I peeked out, and I noticed people in the square were pointing. They were laughing. Clearly, nobody was coming to my aid. I knew that if I wanted to get out of this in one piece, I had to get out myself.”

Horowitz continued, describing the nightmarish attack, saying that despite making a break from his attackers, they managed to capture him, dragging him into the entrance of an apartment building, where they continued to savage him. Only when the front door of an apartment was opened did his attackers become “spooked” and flee.

The incident, said Horowitz, was hardly unique, noting that local police had explained their policy not to enter no-go zones, except under extraordinary circumstances.

“They said, in their words,” said Horowitz, quoting a local police official, “‘If we’re chasing a suspect, and they cross into this no-go area, we simply stop pursuit.’ And if we want to enter this area, we have to go in with an armed convoy, as if you’re going into like the kill zone in Afghanistan.”