EgyptAir plane (archive)
EgyptAir plane (archive)Reuters

Traces of explosives were found on the bodies of several passengers of the EgyptAir flight which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea in May, according to Egypt’s Civil Aviation Ministry.

EgyptAir flight MS804 disappeared while carrying 66 people from Paris to Cairo on May 19. All passengers and crew perished. Wreckage from the flight washed up on Israeli shorestwice. An examination of the plane's black box confirmed that it had crashed after a fire had broken out, though it had not been determined if the fire was caused by a technical problem or was deliberately set.

The Civil Aviation Ministry said Thursday that in light of the new findings a criminal investigation will be opened into the crash.

No one has claimed responsibility for the crash, which occurred seven months after the ISIS terrorist organization claimed that it had destroyed a Russian airliner with an on board explosive device over the Sinai Peninsula.