Paamonim is an organization which strives to achieve a situation in which Israeli families conduct their economic lives with balance, responsibility and integrity, thereby helping to strengthen Israel’s economic and social fabric.

With the help of its 2,800 volunteers, Paamonim provides a wide range of solutions to thousands of Israeli families and individuals each year through its targeted economic recovery programs, and offers information and tools for the general public interested learning the best methods for managing their household finances.

Each family that turns to Paamonim receives a phone call from the organization’s intake officers to identify the problem. Whether in severe economic distress, drowning in the never-ending cycle of debts and loans, or requiring an answer to specific questions about budgets, banks, mortgages or pension, families are recommended to one of Paamonim’s niche programs that best solve their needs.

Paamonim “is not charity as the word means it. It’s basically helping families to get back on their feet,” explained Ayelet Balaban of the organization.

“Families turn to Paamonim when their financial state is bad, when they’ve got a lot of debts, or when they don’t know how to pay their bills. Paamonim, instead of giving them money, we actually help them stand back on their feet and give them counselling how to do it,” she added.

These days, for the first time in Paamonim’s history, the organization is launching a new campaign to bring its Israeli and American supporters together to help 100 families in severe economic distress get back on their feet.

“We have about 100 families that have turned to Paamonim, that their financial state is very bad and they have a lot of debt to pay back,” said Balaban of the new campaign. “In order to be able to work with them, we need to give them a certain amount of money. What’s special about this campaign is that for every dollar that we get from around the world, we have Israeli donors who will double it.”

In various stages of bankruptcy, all of these families are at the tipping point and are barely staying afloat. Paamonim needs the public’s support to help these families start the process of rehabilitation and economic recovery before they fall deeper into distress.

The best volunteers will be paired with each family, and begin an intensive one-on-one coaching process. The goal is that after eight months of coaching, families will achieve a long-term plan for settling their debts, balancing their budgets, and build realistic financial plans for the future to ensure they can rebuild their lives, their homes and themselves.

All donations are tax-deductible. If you donate through the link below, you will receive a receipt issued by Jgive, and a confirmation letter from Paamonim.

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