Netanyahu and his wife at the airport
Netanyahu and his wife at the airportphoto: Haim Tzach, GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu left Tuesday morning on a two-day visit to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Before leaving, Netanyahu spoke about the significance of the trip. He said, “These are two large and significant countries in the Islamic world and our goal is to strengthen diplomatic, security and economic relations with them.

“In complete contrast to what is heard from time to time, not only is Israel not suffering from diplomatic isolation, Israel is a country that is coming back. These countries want very much to strengthen ties with Israel and following the strengthening of our relations with the major powers of Asia, with countries in Africa and with countries in Latin America, now come ties with important countries in the Islamic world.”

Netanyahu added, “This is part of a clear policy of going out to the world. Israel's relations are flourishing in an unprecedented manner. This is also the first, historic, visit by an Israeli Prime Minister to Kazakhstan.”

“It’s the second Prime Minister's visit to Azerbaijan. I know because I made the first visit almost two decades ago and I met with the father of the current leader."