Hamas rally in Gaza
Hamas rally in GazaAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Hamas official Fathi Hammad on Al-Aqsa TV has announced the terror organization is willing to supply rockets and weapons to anyone willing to fight Israel.

Though Israel decimated 80% of Hamas' weapons stockpile during 2014's Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has continued to manufacture and smuggle rockets and weapons. It is estimated they now own tens of thousands of rockets which may be used against Israel.

Hamas' stockpile includes upgraded short-range rockets, as well as the longer-range M-75, which can easily hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. As well, Hamas owns Syrian M-302s and is able to manufacture Iran's Fajr-5 which can carry up to 175 kilograms of explosives.

In addition, Hamas has continued work on their complex and expansive network of terror tunnels, which now crisscross the entirety of Gaza.

Hamas "has developed a touch in military manufacturing which can compete with international manufacturers," Hammad said.

While Israeli citizens tend to rely on Israel's famous Iron Dome missile defense system, many do not realize Hamas figured out how to defeat the Iron Dome at the end of Operation Protective Edge.

Operation Protective Edge was forced to end prematurely after US President Barack Obama refused to supply Israel with more Iron Dome missiles unless Israel ended the war targeting Hamas' leaders, tunnels, and weapons stockpile.