9th Brigade declares opposition to Amona evacuation
9th Brigade declares opposition to Amona evacuationFacebook/screenshot

As the IDF and Israeli police continue their preparations for the evacuation of Amona, a growing number of soldiers have indicated they are unwilling to participate in the mass eviction.

The Supreme Court has ordered the 42 families from Amona removed from their homes no later than December, acceding to a suit filed by a left wing organization claiming the homes were built on private Arab land.

Israel's. Supreme Court is not an investigating court - it hears both sides and rules. The land in question was gifted by Jordan's monarch, when that country was an occupying power, to cronies. Except for one plot, they have not come forth and are not identified. The Israeli government helped build the homes and it was done in good faith without prior knowledge of the land issue. The regulation law will allow for compensation in such cases, but only where there has not already been a court ruling.

Earlier this month a Facebook group was opened for service members opposed to the planned evacuation.

The group has already amassed a large collection of photographs testifying to opposition by units across the army to the eviction and the intention of soldiers to refuse orders should they be instructed to take part in the operation. Due to strict army rules on public expressions against carrying out orders, the images show unit symbols, uniforms, or notes rather than images of the soldiers themselves.

An IDF spokesperson condemned the group, calling it a violation of army regulations.

“The IDF condemns and prohibits any expression [in favor of] refusing orders and takes this very seriously. The IDF is the army of a democratic state and will obey the civilian leadership and carry out any mission given to it in accordance with the law.”

Before the Gush Katif expulsion, Rabbi Avraham Shapiro, head of Merkaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem and former Chief Rabbi, called to refuse orders to expel Jews, saying the IDF was formed to fight Israel's enemies.