Daniella Weiss
Daniella WeissHezki Baruch

Gush Emunim leader and Nachala chairwoman Daniella Weiss told Arutz Sheva about the demonstration which will be held in Jerusalem.

"If enough people come, they will cancel the Supreme Court's ruling instead of chasing us out with horses," she said.

Weiss is one of the leaders of Gush Emunim, a right-wing activist movement which works to found new settlements. She is also one of the heads of the Nachala Settlement Movement, which "aims at enhancing settlement and educational Zionistic goals.‎‏"

Weiss, who has said she believes the only acceptable "price tag" response is building another town in Judea and Samaria, is one of the driving forces behind the demonstration scheduled to be held on Tuesday near the Prime Minister's house.

Weiss told Arutz Sheva the demonstration will be held "out of a firm belief that we can take care of Amona, the nine houses in Ofra, and Netiv HaAvot in a way that will not require them to move. The Nachala Movement, councils, and public organizations have all joined Amona to ensure this will be an enormous protest which will tell the Prime Minister and his coalition, 'You can find a solution for Amona.'"

"The demonstration's purpose is to tell the government, 'Fulfill your mission to build Israel, and don't destroy even a single house in any town,'" she said.

Weiss also emphasized that the demonstration is not "against" the government, but rather "for" Judea and Samaria.

"We have no interest in attacking the government. It's wrong to see the courts as able to decide their policy will be different. If there is a property issue, we need to discuss it and see who the owners are and pay him compensation, just like we do everywhere else in Israel and in the rest of the world."

She also said Bnei Akiva's leadership had called on its members not to come to Amona or fight with security forces, but had supported Tuesday's demonstration in Jerusalem.

When asked if there is a difference between the demonstration on Tuesday and the one Weiss had led three days prior, she said, "It's not the same size. We're expecting 100,000 people to join Tuesday's demonstration. There's a feeling of renewal, of belief that Amona will not be destroyed. I am concentrating on the preparations, fully believing that if enough people come to support our struggle and to give the government the strength it needs to do what is right regardless of the Supreme Court's decision, we will be able to change the decision regarding Amona.

"In Gush Katif, we wanted to involve the Supreme Court, and we were told, 'No, this is a political decision.' So Amona is also a political decision," Weiss explained.

"There is the Levy Report, which has been prepared and can legalize not only existing towns in Judea and Samaria, but also those which will be built in the future. Use the decree from 1967, or the Levy Report, and you won't need to destroy anything. This is a totally abnormal trend. Netanyahu can definitely change things. I believe Amona will be saved," she concluded.

Amona is scheduled to be destroyed by December 25.