Ramallah Flash 90

Three Israelis accidentally drove into the PA-controlled village of Ramallah on Saturday afternoon. Thereafter, they were rescued by the IDF, along with the Israeli Police and Arab Security Forces. The Arab police took them to the Focus Checkpoint, near the Israeli town of Beit El.

This is not the first time Israelis have accidentally entered dangerous Palestinian Authority-controlled areas.

In October, two soldiers accidentally entered PA-controlled Dura, near Hevron, after relying on a navigation app. They were pelted with rocks, but managed to escape safely thanks to security forces' intervention. Later that month, four soldiers accidentally entered Halhul, also near Hevron, after being led there by Waze.

In September, two soldiers were attacked after accidentally entering Tulkarem. They were rescued by the police and managed to escape unharmed.

Ramallah is the capital of terror, and when nine Israelis entered to celebrate Ramadan with their Arab "fellow citizens," they were viciously attacked and needed to be rescued by Israeli security forces. It is illegal for Israeli Jews to enter Area A, which is controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

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