Parents meet officers who rescued their son
Parents meet officers who rescued their son Police Spokesperson

The parents of Yaakov Dov Shrot, the 6-year old Jerusalem child who disappeared Sunday afternoon, met with the boy’s rescuers on Thursday to offer their personal thanks for saving their child.

Yaakov Dov disappeared without a trace Sunday afternoon after he and his father exited a bus in the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of Neve Yaakov, where the family resides.

Civilian volunteers and police were initially unable to find Yaakov Dov. Aside from his age, the child’s special needs contributed to fears he may have been harmed while wandering alone.

On Monday, however, Border Police officers found the boy unharmed just outside of the Pisgat Zeev neighborhood, near the Arab village of Hizme on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

During their meeting with Yaakov Dov’s parents, the officers recalled the moment when they discovered the missing boy.

“It wasn’t just an exciting moment for you,” said the officers, referring to the discovery of Yaakov Dov, “it was exciting for us as well. Dozens of officers… and volunteers worked to find him, and we were happy to be the ones to return him safe and sound to you.”