Evacuation of Amona in 2006
Evacuation of Amona in 2006Flash90

Residents of the Samarian town of Amona called upon supporters Thursday evening to make their way to the embattled community prior to the beginning of Shabbat, claiming that the demolition of their town was likely to occur Saturday night, just after the end of Shabbat.

Amona, home to 42 families, is slated to be evacuated and demolished by December 25th, in accordance with a ruling by the Supreme Court.

“The evacuation of Amona is about to begin!” the message reads. “[Now is the time] for everyone to come to Amona. According to all estimates, the evacuation will be carried out this Saturday night. Everyone – everyone – is invited to come to Amona and spend Shabbat here.”

Residents added that those planning to show their support in Amona should arrive as early as possible, saying that the army would likely begin blocking off the road to Amona.

“The roads will be blocked – [you] should come as early as possible. Bring warm clothing and come. Participate. Because [Jews] don’t destroy Jewish towns.”

Organizers in Amona suggested demonstrators bring sleeping bags, tents, warm clothing, food, toiletry, and cameras.

In 2006, a massive eviction force of roughly 10,000 soldiers, police, and Border Police officers removed upwards of 3,000 demonstrators protesting the demolition of nine homes in Amona. More than 200 protesters were injured in the ensuing violence, along with 80 officers and soldiers. Demonstrators decried what they called police brutality, noting that three Knesset Members were also injured by security forces, and that mounted police charged through crowds of young protesters. Some of the policemen were brought to court on the basis of videos that proved their needlessly violent behavior.

Amona residents have said they intend to protest passively and expect law officers to refrain from violence.