In a special interview with Arutz Sheva, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon emphasized the importance of bringing about change within the notoriously anti-Israel institution.

“The UN is important, and we need to change the UN. That is my philosophy, and that is what we are doing [...] we will fight the [anti-Israel] obsession and, at the same time, show the true face of Israel.”

Danon noted that real support for Israel exists within the UN, though that support is “quiet.”

“My goal is to make that support public. I tell the ambassadors: ‘don’t tell me what you think about Israel behind closed doors. Say it to the Security Council!’ And some countries are starting to do speak publicly...I am optimistic.”

When asked whether widespread support matters if Israel is always beholden to the US to veto anti-Israel resolutions, Danon noted that, although the American veto is important, widespread support helps Israel pass resolutions of its own.

“We want to do more, and we can contribute a lot to the UN,” he said.